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Owning An Automatic Sprinkler System

A professionally installed, automatic sprinkler system is one of the best investments you can make in your residential or commercial application.  Our team of professionals are very experienced in all facets of irrigation systems. Whether your application is large or relatively small, our staff can handle the project in the most cost effective and professional manner.

Benefits Of An Automatic Sprinkler System

There are many benefits to having an automatic irrigation system installed by Iowa Irrigation.

Saves time. No more spending long hours watering with a hose.  You won't have to worry about remembering to move the hose every 20 minutes either.  Your new systems will do all the remembering for you. Saves water.  How many times have you forgotten the water running outside, only to remember an hour or more later after hundreds of gallons have drained into the street?  An automatic sprinkler system can save you literally thousands of gallons of water a year simply by remembering to turn itself off at the right time.

Saves plants.  Just like people, most plants thrive on a steady, well-regulated schedule of nutrition.  You can count on an automatic sprinkler to provide your plants with a carefully timed, precisely measured amount of water, exactly when you need it.

Protects your financial investment.  Your home's appearance is an important factor in determining its market value.  An attractively landscaped exterior, with lush growth and healthy plants, helps your house project that fresh, well-maintained look.