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A backflow preventer is used to protect water supplies from contamination due to backflow. Backflow happens when there is a failure or reduction of maintained pressure in the water supply system. For example; if there were to be a water main break this would cause a “back siphon” effect that would cause water from a dirty source, your irrigation system, to be sucked into the clean city supply. The backflow preventer is in place to insure that the dirty water does not make it to the clean water.

It is required by state law that every irrigation system that is supplied by a public water source has a backflow preventer in place. Depending on the city codes this will either be a reduced pressure zone, RPZ, or a pressure vacuum breaker, PVB, assembly. An RPZ can either be in the basement or outside of the house where a PVB can only be outside.

State law also requires that this device be tested every year and this occurs upon recharging your irrigation system in the spring. Testing of a backflow preventer assembly requires a special test gauge and can ONLY be completed by a person that has completed the proper training and is certified with the State of Iowa.

At Iowa Irrigation we have six personnel on staff that are certified to test backflow preventer devices and make repairs if needed. This gives the customer the peace of mind that the technician that shows up at your house will properly and legally complete this task and keep you out of trouble.


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